Your website reflects your brand image and identity. It becomes the face of communication for your business Similarly, in the virtual world, you have to keep yourself updated with all latest trends. Remaining the same can make you outdated, so you have to rejuvenate your platforms and techniques. This is where website redesign and website maintenance kick in.

“To exist is to change, to Change is to Mature,

To mature is to go on, creating oneself endlessly

So, what exactly is Website Redesign & Website Maintenance?

Website Redesign

A website for business presents your brand at its finest to existing and potential customers. The very first step of creating your presence online is by fabricating the right kind of website for your business. Once the website is made, it becomes the face of communication for your business. Any website always needs to be updated with the latest information, trends, processes and functions. If the website remains as it is, then the first look for the customers might give them an incorrect impression about your business. Redesigning your website gives a fresh look and your audience a reason to come back to you. Hence, updating new features, latest information over the time is very important for business to grow. This process is commonly known as website redesigning as you keep changing the outlook and design for your site.

Website maintenance

Website maintenance, as the name says, is to preserve the website as it has been created. If your website does not work properly or looks outdated, customers will often click away. It will create a negative impression on your business. If a user frequently leave your website as soon as arriving at it, google may view this as a sign that your site isn't relevant. This in turn effects your SEO strategy and drives less traffic to your site. At times, the functioning of the website could drop-off or there may be a flaw in the website which could hinder its working. All these tasks need to be addressed with priority as it could affect the experience of a visitor on the website. Thus, along with website redesign, maintenance is also very essential.

When do you require Website Redesign?

There is no specific rule for when to redesign your website. However, if it has been more than couple of years since you first created your website, then website redesign would be good to boost visitors. It helps with the SEO and a lot of search engines pick up your website easily if it has been updated recently. 

Another trick is to keep a close eye on your competitors’ websites. This would give you an insight as to how often they update their functions and content, allowing you to choose your time-gap for redesigning your website.

If you feel that your website is not helping you with your desired results, then it is time for you to redesign the website. The desired results could be measures using the conversion rate from visitors to customers. After your website redesign, few things that should be clearer is your call to action and the engagement feel for your visitors.

Every business evolves. Initially you start with a purpose which could slightly vary as your journey continues. With the changes in your aims and ideas, you have to also make sure that your website is updated with the adapted ideology.

Sometimes, with time you have to change your strategy for enhanced results. This would require you to continuously update your online strategy as well with website redesign.

Our Website Redesign Services

Working with Samanvi Technologies for website redesign and website maintenance services will provide you with the following:

  • An exclusively user-friendly website design which would convert more visitors into customers
  • Pleasing visual appearance for your website with easy navigation
  • Responsive website created by our skilled website designers with SEO for your prospective clients
  • Increase website popularity
  • Website Speed Optimization. (Website loads faster)
  • Immediate Bug/Error fixing.
  • Website Security and Regular Backup.
  • Website versions for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets.

Why Samanvi Technologies for your Business?

Amid a million vendors out in the market, how do you choose your presenters?

  • At Samanvi Technologies, we believe in creating opportunities for all kinds businesses through talent, inspiration and professionalism.
  • We have experienced developers who know and understand the various market trends and thus, provide excellent marketing solutions.
  • Samanvi Technologies team believes it is pertinent to recognize you and your requirements over everything else.
  • We are always striving to be transparent with our procedures as well as our results.
  • We work for excellence with accuracy & precision. Another quality you would find in our team at Samanvi Technologies is that we always deliver on or before schedule.
  • With Samanvi Technologies, promoting and marketing your Business becomes much easier and affordable. When compared to others, our services are competitive. We can help you enhance your brand name and presence, which is much essential to stand ahead in the competition.

Cost for Website Redesign & Website Maintenance

Our prices are affordable and very competitive. We would be happy to provide you with a quotation solely based on requirements as it differs from biz-to-biz. We are a popular web designing and digital marketing company in Rajahmundry, Narsipatnam, Visakhapatnam, Kakinada and Bangalore. For further information, you can call us on +91-8892288820. You can also drop in an email at Alternatively, click here to talk to one of our professionals if you wish to register for any of our services.