Digital marketing & SEO

Digital Marketing & SEO

“Digital Marketing is a two-way communication. It’s the best way to help your traditional marketing efforts covert into sales. “

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term used to envelop all the techniques concerned with marketing your product or service online. This includes internet advertising, mobile phone app ads as well as any other digital medium to display these adverts. Samanvi technologies suggest that the outcome of inculcating these for your business could be very useful.

Why choose Digital Marketing?

Below are a few reasons enlisted by Samanvi Technologies as to why you should choose Digital Marketing alongside with the generic techniques for your product or service:

Innumerable growth options

Using Digital Marketing, Start-ups and small business owners get a wider audience to showcase their business. This increases their chance of survival as it increases the possibility of the business to grow faster compared to its competition. How you may think? Digitization opens platforms of advertising which otherwise may not an available option. Also, if a professional like Samanvi Technologies is handling it, you would observe a constant connection through all these platforms all over the globe which in turns improves your growth options.

Effective cost management

Digital marketing is more economical when compared to the general marketing costs. This compliments all business owners as at the end of the day, as they can get more by spending less through Digitization. In this technique, you decide your budget as well as you can choose the services that you prefer. This means once you have tested various techniques, you can actually pay for the ones that help your business grow effectively. Also, all the techniques under the umbrella of Digital marketing are quite economical compared to the generic marketing techniques.

Increased Revenues

With more people being exposed to your business through internet and mobile phones, more customers get attracted to your product or service. Thus, effective Digital Strategy can enhance lead generation and in turn increase sales as well as revenues. You spe

Enhanced Interaction with Audience

When you have online presence for your business, it is also quite easy to keep in touch with the clients. This develops the client’s confidence on your business which in turns further enhances your business development.

Builds Brand Reputation

Digital marketing is all about establishing a position for your brand in the online market. With increased audience online, more number of people would start favouring your brand online.

Open with All

Using online mode of communication for your brand can give a reputation as being transparent and open to everyone in the market, be it clients or employees or even competitors. If you make it a practice to post all events on Social media, people would feel involved and anxious for knowing your company in greater heights. Having your information posted over the internet can also make you quite popular.

What are the services included by Samanvi Technologies?

‘Rome was not built in a day’. Similarly, Digital marketing would require time, effort and guidance from professionals like Samanvi Technologies. There are various services as mentioned earlier that come under Digital Marketing. Below mentioned are the ones that Samanvi technologies provide for its clients.

Search Engine Optimization


commonly known as


is a technique to make your website appear in Google search results in such a way that people get attracted to open it.

Social Media Optimization or SMO

is a technique to channel all the social media channels to showcase your product or service.

Paid Adverts

as the name suggests include paid advertisement services like

Google Adwords

and Social media marketing. They showcase the ads related to the searches done by the customers in all possible websites within the Google Display Network.

Why Samanvi Technologies for your Business?

  • At Samanvi Technologies, we believe in creating opportunities for all kinds businesses through talent, inspiration and professionalism.
  • We have experienced personnel who know and understand the various market trends and thus, provide excellent marketing solutions.
  • We are always striving to be transparent with our procedures as well as our results.
  • We work for excellence with accuracy & precision. Another quality you would find in our team at Samanvi Technologies is that we always deliver on or before schedule.
  • With Samanvi Technologies, promoting and marketing your Business becomes much easier and affordable. When compared to others, our services are competitive. We can help you enhance your brand name and presence, which is much essential to stand ahead in the competition.

Cost for Website Redesign & Website Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, our prices are affordable and very competitive. Nevertheless, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation solely based on requirements as it differs from biz-to-biz. For further information, you can call us on +91-8892288820. You can also drop in an email at Alternatively, click here to talk to one of our professionals if you wish to register for any of our services.